Yes we do.

The price changes daily. Please call for more information 303.922.7722

The boxes range from a 4 x4 to 60yd rolloff boxes.

No, we do not charge a rental fee. But there may be freight charges incurred.

We accept both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

This varies on the size of the rolloff bin.

This depends on the type and quantity of material. Please contact one of our buyers.

You can be paid the same day.


No, we can help you when you arrive. 

All scrap metal is paid for immediately with a check or cash from our onsite ATM.

Occasionally, payments can be delayed for sortation and or deductions for non-conforming material.

We buy automobiles at our Englewood location.

Please call ahead for the newest rules and regulations.

Ask for Pricing

We accept Refrigerators:

Option:1 - $10 cash charge paid upon drop off

Option:2 - Refrigerant must be evacuated by an EPA-CERTIFIED Recovery Technician prior to delivery in accordance to Federal Regulations. (Sealed Unit must be removed)

If Option: 2 - We will have you fill out a form with Recovery Tech Info



Minimum 1 pound of material - anything less our State-Certified Scales will not weigh them

No maximum 

Metal Markets are constantly in flux - Please call ahead for a 24 hour quote to lock in price