About Us

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Founded in 1993 All Recycling originally began as a nonferrous recycler, and gradually expanded into ferrous materials. 

All Recycling began operating its first auto shredder which propelled the company into a decade long period of substantial growth. In 2008 All Recycling put online a “Mega Shredder” that allowed All Recycling to become the premier metal recycler in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Throughout All Recycling’s history it has been focused on not only recycling metals but a safe and efficient way but also in an environmentally responsible manner.  All Recycling strives to not simply meet environmental regulation requirements but to exceed those requirements whenever possible. All Recycling is also committed to being the industry leader in customer service and as an employer.

In December 2012, All Recycling became a wholly owned subsidiary of Metro Metals Northwest, Inc of Portland, Oregon. This exciting transaction brought two of the leading privately owned held scrap processors in the western United States together under one roof and enhanced both company’s ability to deliver superior customer relationships.